Classical Five Element Acupuncture

Harmony and balanceShirley Nichols practices Classical Five Element Acupuncture, which descends from the Taoist tradition in China. 

The basic tenet of this system of acupuncture is balance.  When balance is restored, the body, as well as the mind and spirit, will have the ability to heal.  This results in a profound level of healing, a sense of well-being, where not only do the physical symptoms resolve, but mental clarity and emotional equilibrium are attained.

Returning to balance is a process that is shared by Shirley and the patient, and is very individual to each person.  The underlying cause of the imbalance is treated, resulting in an enduring return to health and vitality.  This is not a method where we try to merely remove the symptoms, but one in which your system is restored to the ability to heal itself on an ongoing basis.


Shirley is an outstanding Acupunturist. I have been using Acupuncture for over 24 years and she is the best of all available acupuncturists in the State. I would never go to anyone else.
- Sandra H

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